From the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, there is an ancient land where the Lord of heavens and earth have always protected. Each corner of this land has a story in its heart and a common goal has always kept it alive, and the journey to Iran actually means following and listening to these stories which define the Iranian identity.

Travel is one of the oldest habits of Iranians and for many years traveling to the south of Iran has generally reminded us of islands such as Kish, Qeshm and Hengam, and it is still less likely to remind us of Hendurabi Island. Hendurabi is a very small and of course solitary island which has preserved its beautiful natural scenery. Hendurabi was born in the Persian Gulf and continues its existence as a pristine island that can be a heaven for holiday makers and an ideal place for beach activities. You can plan your trip to Hendurabi with a tour guide. So we hope you introduce this island to other people of our country.

TopTours Group, as one of the oldest tourism groups in the south of Iran and especially the beautiful Kish Island, is now trying to find out the south of Iran and its attractions in order to provide a proper travel guide to Iran. So Hendurabi travel guide is available as a good source for those who would like to travel to and explore this island.

By reading Hendurabi travel guide and stepping along the island, you will find yourself that you are on an island which is very flat and smooth without any elevations or high mountains. It should be mentioned that the highest point of this island is 45 meters high. A population of less than 200 people puts it in a group of low-income islands so it can also be considered as an abandoned island. The houses on the island are old-fashioned, made with plaster with white facade, which are among the cultural attractions of the inhabitants.

This feature is of course considered as one of the attractions of Hendurabi Island. However, the huge flood of tourists and luxury star hotels, crowded shopping centers filled with crowds of buyers, night time celebrations and, of course, air pollution has not reached the island yet but thanks to the kind inhabitants and traditional houses, it has its own charms.


You can get to the coast of Hendurabi Island By getting on a ferry on the island of Kish, or by boat ride from Chiruyeh port.

Hendurabi Island has a village with the same name. On your trip to Hendurabi, do not miss the village with traditional houses made of stones, corals and plaster some of which have been refurbished and modernized. In this village there is a hut as a school and a small shop as a store and supermarket. The people of this island often speak Arabic. Nevertheless, some people also know Persian, and if you do not know Arabic, do not worry. You can still speak Persian with a number of villagers. Schoolchildren in the village wear local costumes who will look at tourists curiously and may come to you to sell one of their handicrafts.

On the trip to Hendurabi Island you will encounter the scenes from the history of Iran. Two villages of Al-Dawrat and Al-Sara'a are located next to the village of Hendurabi. While the Portuguese were based in southern Iran, they settled on the island, and Hendurabi was one of the military bases of the Portuguese Army in the war. You may still see the ruins of the Portuguese village and imagine the past.

According to a local myth, Hind and Rabi were the names of a couple who used to be in love with each other and live in this island together.

When you visit the villages and ruins of Al-Dawrat and Al-Saraa, you will see an old cemetery next to them. A graveyard in which not only Iranians but also the Portuguese have been buried. The gravestones, which indicate the sex of the dead person, show no signs of the buried name. There is only one stone on the male graves and two stones laid on the female graves. As a result, this old cemetery is very different from other Iranian cemeteries.

This is the only mosque on the island and it has been built in a Sunni traditional style. It has got one minaret. This beautiful mosque can accommodate all the inhabitants of the island and was built with cement and soil. Nevertheless, it still maintains its traditional and historical context.

In the travel guide to Hendurabi fun activities are missing. Fortunately, you can still watch the island in the Persian Gulf where tourists have not changed its shape. The pristine, tranquil and untouched beaches on trips to Hendurabi Island are waiting for tourists looking for peace. These beaches are very suitable for beach activities. The soft and sandy beaches, green and coral waters of the Persian Gulf with strange rocks scattered by sea waves, are on the other side of the island. The rocks have created a mysterious and attractive environment for photography. Here are small and large caves.

Another old-fashioned building that is related to the island life is the old Ab Anbar. In the travel guide to Hendurabi, we suggest visiting the only source of fresh water on the island. Water reservoirs collect rainwater for consumption by islanders. This water reservoir, of course, is complementary to the freshwater wells of the island and is used when wells are empty in time of draught and low rainfall.

Traveling to Hendurabi Island does not just mean visiting villages and cultural attractions. Offshore Clubs offer water sports for tourists. For example, if you are interested in scuba diving, one of the most beautiful coral beaches with tortoises and other sea creatures is waiting for you. The shallow beaches of the island provide a clear and easy environment for diving. Other recreational activities like jet skiing, beach motoring, safari and etc. are some of the most exciting entertainment activities you can do at the Marine Recreation Club.

Alongside this club there is a nice restaurant that is run by the villagers and provides a relaxing and lovely atmosphere for tourists. You can order a variety of seafood in the restaurant.

The island's shores, from mid-March to late June, become an ideal place for tortoises to lay their eggs. Small and large tortoises come to the island every year and create holes for laying eggs on the island in peace and quiet. This scene can be one of the most beautiful scenes you may have seen in your life. Also, the emergence of tortoises from eggs and swimming into the water is another environmental event that you can see on the trip to Hendurabi. There is also a variety of colorful fish species under the waters of the island during diving. Fish like yellow tail, Picasso, Sailor, Unique, Yellow Tang and all kinds of corals are visible.

How to get there

Hendurabi is a small island with an area of ​​about 23 square kilometers, which is located like a small child among its grandparents, the two islands of Kish and Lavan. The island is in Bandar Lengeh county, Hormozgan province and it has a very different environment from Kish and Qeshm. Hendurabi Island is also in Kish rural District. Many tourists who seek recreation and stay in Kish and Qeshm hotels travel to Hendurabi and make their trips even more comfortable and relaxing, people who visit Kish and Qeshm shopping centers and prefer swimming and diving along the dolphins.

Apart from this group of tourists, who are generally families, there is another group of tourists who are looking for more refined and intact areas and are looking for peace on the coast of southern Iran. We suggest a trip to Hendurabi for the second group. Attractions on the island are pleasing to any tourist who look for hours of sitting on the beach or watching the life of aquatic animals along the coast.

All Iranian and Iranian tourists are familiar with Kish. An island full of luxury shopping centers and fancy hotels with world class standards. Free Zone attracts tourists from all over the world. However, if you ride about 30 kilometers from the western side of the crowded Kish Island in winter and spring, you will find an island opposite to what you see in Kish. An island that may seem like a remote island in the first place, where few people have stepped on. By traveling to Hendurabi Island you will enter a different world from Kish Island. Most tourists travelling to Kish can take a boat to get to this island.

Also you can visit TopTours Group tourist office in Kish, visit the website, or call 8586-021 to book your guided tour to Hendurabi Island.

کشتی کاتاماران تاپ تورز
کشتی کاتاماران تاپ تورز
کشتی کاتاماران تاپ تورز



کشتی کاتاماران تاپ تورز
کشتی کاتاماران تاپ تورز