The TopTours Group, using the knowledge and experience of the hotel and tourism industry experts, is doing its best to follow and meet the international quality standards by offering the modern and luxurious rooms in order to create the most memorable and loveliest journey of a lifetime. By creating a whole new standard in satisfying guests’ expectations and moving hospitality to a new level, the TopTours has been intertwined with the sweet memory of their stay. TopTours Group is also determined to exceed the guest expectations and is eagerly motivating the staffs to provide the best service tirelessly in order create incredible hospitality as well as travel experience for the guests.

With the most delightful greetings

Now that we have an opportunity to be your host at Vida Hotel, please accept our warmest and most sincere welcome. It is our honor to offer you the best hospitality in this remarkably luxurious hotel with a spectacular view of Kish Island with the help of our experienced personnel. We would like to apologize in advance for any shortcomings or problems in providing services and we are open to your criticism and suggestions. Providing a safe and comfortable environment is our main goal at Vida hotel. The shining stars of Vida Hotel depend on your smile and satisfaction. We invite you to have a memorable and peaceful stay at Vida Hotel.


Accommodations tips:

Alcoholic drinks and smoking are forbidden in the hotel grounds. Please obey this rule in order to respect the moral values and avoid any inappropriate behavior. Our goal is to provide a peaceful and quiet environment during your stay. Therefore, please do not hesitate to call the security in case of any violent and inappropriate behavior. All the room facilities are provided for your comfort so please does not take them out of the room and/or damage them. It is kindly requested to put your valuable documents and possessions in the safes which have been installed in the rooms to avoid any loss of tranquility and trust. Please only allow authorized hotel staffs, who wear badges and hotel uniform, to enter your room. The windows are sealed shut to provide your safety and comfort. The rooms are all equipped with efficient ACs. The rooms are cleaned daily by the housekeeping. In case you need your room to be cleaned again, turn on the clean key behind the room's door.

About the  vida Hotel

In spring 2017 a group of hospitality enthusiasts has decided to establish the five star Vida Hotel. The hotel is located in a perfect area in Kish Island and has 12 floors and 144 rooms including furnished suites and luxurious rooms, which are equipped with the best facilities to provide an enjoyable time for the guests. Other amenities of the hotel are modern air conditioning, restaurant, coffee shop, Laundry service, car and bicycle rental, photography studio, shops, children playground, billiard hall, sport club (Spa and massage center, fitness, beauty salon, pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, traditional bath and cold - water pond) so that the guests can enjoy in their leisure. You can enjoy free WIFI communication which is available anywhere in the hotel. We invite you to join us at Vida hotel to explore this place.



To offer high quality service and provide comfort and safety for you, you are kindly requested to consider the following points:

A valid ID card is necessary in order to check in.

The check-in time is at 2 p.m. and the check-out is at 12 p.m.

It is recommended to leave the room half an hour before the check-out time for paperwork.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel for hygiene purposes.

It is not permitted to have a guest in the hotel rooms.

As hospitability is our old tradition, we would be honored to entertain your guests in the lobby.



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