Perhaps you have also wondered about the terms and expressions which travel agencies use for hotels. What is the difference between FB and All? What is the difference between a Twin bed with King? What does resort mean? In this article, we are going to talk about different kinds of hotels.



The motel is a combination of two words, motor and hotel, and is basically located on the roads between cities and is usually outside cities. A motel can also be defined as a hotel where the guests can enter their cars and park them in front of the door of their room. One of the main characteristics of the motels is the lack of lobby because guests can take the key from the reception once they enter the motel without even getting off their cars and drive directly to their rooms..




Pension: Hotel Pension:

It is located in the city. There are a number of rooms and a dining rooms that are big enough to provide food for the residents. A Library, a study and a TV room are anticipated and prepared. The pension normally rents the room on a monthly or annual basis and does not accept any other customers outside the hotel for meals. On this basis, the dining room is usually big enough for the needs of the rooms. There are special rules and regulations and the guests are required to be in the dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific hours and the entrance door is open until a specified time..




 Resort Hotel:

 It refers to hotels that are usually near mineral springs or beaches. (Resting hotels)




Apartment Hotel

Apartment Hotel:

A hotel is a place to stay for guests. Now, if we make the hotel smaller, we will have an apartment hotel. There are cooking facilities at the apartment hotel and there is no need for the restaurant. Accommodation in the apartment hotel is very similar to renting an apartment but there is no rent contract, and the guest can leave at any time. Unlike hotels with difficult conditions, hotel apartments have a high flexibility and a variety of different types. They are usually designed and built like hotels and have plenty of apartments. The period of stay varies from days to months. Often, their prices are lower than hotels. Travelers who choose to reside at the apartment hotel usually consider it as their temporary home. Therefore, everything that is provided at home can be provided at the apartment hotel..


Hotel Ratings


  1. 2-star hotels: cleanliness, comfort, organized decorations and harmony are the requirements of these hotels. Providing a star rating of two stars requires some and not all of the following:
    •  Good housekeeping
    • Attractive decoration
    • Color TV in all rooms
    • Quality furniture,
    • A restaurant with the ability to serve each meal,
    • A swimming pool,
    • Room service
    • Hotel entrance with proper capacity
    • Regular and large beds
    • Nice and beautiful bathrooms
    • Adequate shelves
    • Recreational facilities
    • High quality toiletries
    • Trained staff
    • Laundry
  2. 3 Star Hotels: At a three-star hotel, services are fully provided and managed properly. These types of hotels have a beautiful landscape and extensive facilities. Providing a three-star rating requires some and not all of the followings:
    • housekeeping and superior maintenance
    • large entrance hall with attractive design
    • 24-hour reception
    • large and comfortable rooms, quiet and well-lit with a sitting area with attractive decorations and sometimes a picture on the wall
    • high quality furniture
    • central air conditioning and heating system
    • high quality furnished rooms with high mattresses
    • temperature control thermostat
    • beautiful bathrooms some of which have cosmetic products, good quality toiletries and towels
    • luxurious suite
    • two telephone sets in the room, one next to the bed and the other in the bathroom or on the table
    • a swimming pool in or near the property
    • wake up service
    • two or more great restaurants
    • Recreational facilities for guests such as sauna, golf and etc.
    • Providing special services such as meeting rooms
    • Valet
  3. 4-star hotels: these hotels not only have to provide all the necessary services, but must also have an identity. Convenience and comfort of the guests are the main goal of the staff, they are trained, efficient, informed and polite. Hotels of this type have a variety of facilities. Providing a four star rating requires some and not all of the followings:
    • housekeeping and extraordinary maintenance of the hotel, the room and green area
    • special and interesting building design
    • luxury entrance hall
    • very good furniture
    • public areas
    • artwork
    • High quality fresh carpets and fresh flowers
    • natural and fantastic landscape
    • attractive decorations and area for reception
    • very quick and efficient reservation
    • uniformed staff
    • concierge
    • doorman
    • expert management
    • excellent restaurant equipment and various foods
    • excellent service to the rooms
    • large well-lit rooms with comfortable sofa, TV and decoration with artistic work
    • two telephones, one next to the bed and one on the table
    • comfortable mats and blankets
    • regular and large beds
    • two daily services in the rooms
    • a very clean bathroom with toiletries and towels,
    • first aid kit
    • a mirror for shaving and make up
    • a hand drier system
    • comfortable dresses for guests
    • a smart lighting system in the bathroom and bedroom
    • other amenities like transportation, free newspaper and etc.
  4. 5-star hotels: These types of hotels are in the first place. The rules and standards related to the five-star hotel and its quality must always be kept constant. Providing a five star rating requires some and not all of the followings:
    • unique architectural and decoration
    • unique and continuous housekeeping
    • more than 100 rooms
    • entrance hall
    • guest room
    • a lobby decorated with high quality artistic works
    • a very well-appointed reception room in a relaxed atmosphere
    • a guard and a 24-hour service
    • trained and committed staff
    • decorating rooms with antiques
    • 3 phones ( Bedside table, on the table and in the bathroom)
    • room service (twice a day)
    • modern beautiful bathroom
    • excellent restaurant and food variety and service
    • appealing restaurant facilities
    • transportation service
    • shop and clothing store
    • refrigerator inside the rooms.

The staff at the 5-star hotel are very organized and polite and dressed in uniform, with fashionable, and efficient clothes and good public relations, committed to meeting the needs of the guests and serving a great deal.

It has a professional expert manager, service compatibility and coordination. Constant flawless housekeeping is a key component to maintain a 5 star rating.

Note: One important point about the star ratings is that the hotels are rated from one to five stars while guesthouses, apartment hotels and hotel inns are rated from one to three stars. In other words, a 3-star hotel is equal to a 5-star hotel, and these two types of accommodations are the best in their categories in terms of quality and service."


Types of Hotels

  1. Commercial Hotel
  2. Suburban Hotel
  3. Urban Hotel
  4. Atrium Hotel
  5. Grand Hotel
  6. Convention Hotel
  7. Airport Hotel
  8. Lodging Type Hotel
  9. Super Lux Hotel
  10. Suite Hotel
  11. Bungalow Suite Hotel
  12. Motel
  13. Motor Inn
  14. Budget inn
  15. Resort Hotel
  16. Apartment Hotel
  17. Time Sharing Hotel
  18. Condominium Hotel
  19. Boarding House
  20. Guest House
  21. Hostel
  22. Dormitory






اتاق هتل



Types of rooms in hotels

  1. Office Suite
  2. Conference Suite
  3. Mini Suite
  4. Junior Suite
  5. Deluxe Suite
  6. Duplex Suite
  7. VIP Suite
  8. Imperial Suite
  9. Penthouse Suite
  10. Fiesta Suite
  11. Dolce Vita Suite
  12. Single Suite
  13. Cabana
  14. Apartment
  15. Bungalow
  16. Remote Function
  17. Connected Room
  18. Balcony Room
  19. Room with Private Pool
  20. Banquet Room
  21. Family Room
  22. Family Units
  23. Room with Bath
  24. Woods View Room
  25. Room without bath
  26. Parlor





Single room: This room has one single bed (for one person) and is shown as SGL.

Double room: A Double is a room with a double bed (a large bed for two people) and is indicated by the symbol DBL.

Twin Room: a Twin is a room with two single beds.

Triple Room: It has 3 single beds or a single bed and a double bed, and is briefly shown with the TPL sign.

Suite: A room which is said to have a front facing sitting room and the bedroom in behind; in some hotels, the sitting area is located on a lower level there are the bedroom and bathroom (duplex) on several steps above that and sometimes a kitchen can also be found in a Suite.

Apartment: It is a corridor and a sitting room with one, two or three bedrooms, each of which has two beds. In the case of a double room, there is usually a double room with a double bed and another twin room, there will be two single beds. Each apartment has a shared bathroom and a small kitchen. Usually, in the sitting room, there are plenty of sofas and armchairs.

Studio: These rooms are seen as a sitting room with sofas once you enter but when the sofas are turned down, it changes into a bedroom, so during the days it is a sitting room and during the nights it is a bedroom. Of course, the sofas are designed in a way so that pillows, blankets and linens can be put in them. The studio also has a bathroom and it can also have a small kitchen.

Connected Room: Two nesting rooms which are both located in the main hallway of the hotel, each of which has a single room with separate bathrooms. The two rooms are connected by one door in the middle. If a family of four people requests such a room, the children will stay in one room and the parents in the other room and without having to open the main hallway door, the two rooms can be connected through the door in the middle.

Cabana: It is a ground floor room with a window which opens to an open area connected to a swimming pool. A resident of such a room can use their own room to change clothes.

Fiesta Suite Fiesta Suites: These suites are usually found in hotels with a wedding hall which are used to relax and sleep at the end of the wedding by the bride and groom. The cost of this suite is usually included in the wedding expenses. There are other rooms in hotels and motels, which are provided to the passengers based on their interests and requests.

Types of services in hotels

  • O.R (Only Room) A room for lodging without any meals
  • B.B. (Bed & Breakfast) A room for lodging with breakfast per day.
  • H.B (Half Board) A room with breakfast, lunch or dinner. For example, H.B services in Dubai usually refer to breakfast and lunch, while the same service in Turkey (Antalya and the Aegean Region) refers to breakfast and dinner.
  • F.B (Full Board) A room with breakfast, lunch and dinner. In some hotels, this service is called F.B plus.
  • ALL (All Inclusive): A room with all meals including breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner. This service is usually available in hotels located in coastal cities such as Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris, and Antalya. It comes with a variety of terms like Ultra All Inclusive and Maximum All Inclusive. In some of the hotels which offer such services, water sports such as Jet Ski, water skiing, diving, massage and so on are included in the service for one time during the stay.


  • Adult: refers to people over 12 years of age, indicated by the ADL.
  • Child (Children 2-6 Years of age): Children who are not usually assigned a bed in hotels and are shown with an acronym CHD 2-6.
  • Children 6 to 12 years of age Children are usually children assigned to them in the hotels of the type of travel and marked with an acronym CHD6-12.
  • Infant: refers to the children under the age of two who are not usually assigned a bed in hotels and are shown with an INF symbol.